Let’s help you get those Goals

Be able to afford that dream workstation and tools.

The process is super simple!

follow these easy steps to enjoy this offer.

Step 1

Place order for your interested item
on our website & choose CARBON ZERO as
preferred payment method.

Step 2

You will receive an invoice and link to

continue to the application process.

Step 3

Your item will be delivered to your
preferred shipping address once
your application is approved.


You’ve got more questions? No worries!

Installment Payment

You have the ability to pay small small for your total order. You can spread your payment into three (3-6) payment months. Only available for Salary Earners & Business Owners within Lagos, Abuja, Delta, Rivers, Ogun, or Oyo state for now.

1-3 months has a 0% interest while 2% interest rate applies after the 3rd month if you choose 6 months payment plan.

Processing fee of ₦2,000 only if application is approved.

  1. 1.  Must be able to pass all checks (good credit history, no bad loans, no active loan with Carbon Zero)

    2. Customer should have a steady flow of ₦120k and above in their bank account if employed and ₦300k and above if self-employed

    3. Down payment of 25% of total purchase for employed and 30% for self-employed once application is approved.

Can be considered if Net Income is more than the capacity of loan from other source.

The installment will be availed immediately after successful application.

Your order will be delivered immediately after application has been successfully processed and approved.

1. Six Months Bank Statement

2. Passport photograph

3. Valid Govt. ID card (Drivers license, Voters card, Int’l passport or National ID card).

4. Proof of Address i.e Electricity bill e.tc. (Most recent).

5. CAC document if self employed or a business.

We partner with Carbon Zero in processing all installment payments. So you are in good hands.


Still have questions?